Cambridge Sketching Workshop 2022

Cambridge Sketching Workshop 2022, 15-18 August 2022,
Wesley Methodist Church Hall, Cambridge, £429

I am delighted to be back offering you my fast-paced, classic mix of essential drawing theory and varied projects that will stimulate your creativity, improve your observation, and develop your drawing technique.  4 days of connected, inspirational pen & ink drawing projects.  Lots of fun and suitable for everyone.

Cambridge Sketching Workshop at Wesley Methodist Church Hall,
Mon-Thurs, 15-18 August 2022: King Street, Cambridge,
(4 days, 10:00-16:00, £429)
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Situated in the heart of Cambridge, this course offers sketching opportunities all over the centre of the city.  We will explore some of the classic architectural views, the market and the Zoology Museum. It is designed to help you make best use of your sketchbook to document your surroundings and develop your ideas.  Together we will look at how to gather and assemble information, how and what to draw in your sketchbook and how to develop layouts and designs from your sketches.

Covid Secure
The course is held in Covid-secure premises and, in addition to the measures that will be in place in the venue, I will also have my own Covid-secure policy that is relevant to general government guidance at the time. 
The main points to note from my policy are that you are encouraged to bring the majority of your own materials, that windows and doors will be kept open (bring extra warm clothing if necessary) and, though tea and coffee will be available, this will be minimal.  You will also have to provide your own lunch.
All of my courses continue to be written with Covid restrictions in mind: all of the drawing exercises use a smaller range of simple materials (sketchbook pencil, fine-liner pigment liners, watercolour/coloured pens) and are be based upon shorter forays into the local environment where we will collect photographs to work with back at the studio.  In particular, we won’t be sitting in cafes to draw.  Consequently, you will definitely need a tablet or smart phone to take part

Materials List
You will need to provide your own sketchbook and drawing materials for this course. 
1.           Digital camera, Smartphone, or tablet to take photographs and view pictures when back at the studio. 
2.           Sketchbook: any sketchbook that has reasonable quality cartridge paper, and which you feel comfortable using.   Thicker paper (160gsm or above) keeps the definition of your drawing and holds more water when you use a colourwash.  Around A4 size is ideal (A3 will be too large).
3.           Drawing equipment: pencils, rubber, black fine-liner pens (we recommend pigment fine liners that are not water soluble).
4.           A small set of watercolours.
5.           A couple of coloured pigment fine liners (minimum: a red and a blue).
6.           A couple of small, good quality paint brushes for watercolour washes.

How much walking is involved?
This venue is ideally placed so you will not be required to walk, or carry your equipment, for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Some help will also be available to carry your equipment, should you require it.

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