Drawing Classes

I put an enormous effort into all of my teaching. Focusing on observational drawing of still life subjects, every session has planned content and takes varying approaches to help participants build up their own techniques and style. Lots of fun and suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner, a more experienced student, or are new to pen drawing.

There are 3 strands to the courses that I offer:
Online classes via subscription on Patreon: www.patreon.com/deboracaneart
Drawing Historic Collections based in local museums
Drawing & Creativity Masterclasses

Use of Technology
Basic drawing materials are provided as part of these courses but you will benefit from bringing along your smartphone or tablet because all of these courses now integrate the use of photographs taken on digital devices.As part of the Adams Centre Drawing Project we will request to take a scan of your drawings at the end of the session for an online database of drawings that will be accessible to the public via their website.  All of the equipment to accomplish this is provided as part of the course.

Materials List
Basic drawing materials are provided but you may prefer to bring some of your own drawing equipment.

  1. Digital camera, Smartphone, or tablet to take photographs and view pictures when back at the studio (note that digital devices are not provided as part of these courses).
  2. Sketchbook: any sketchbook that has reasonable quality cartridge paper, and which you feel comfortable using.   Thicker paper (160gsm or above) keeps the definition of your drawing and holds more water when you use a colourwash.  Around A4 size is ideal (A3 will be too large).
  3. Drawing equipment: pencils, rubber, black fine-liner pens (I recommend pigment fine liners that are not water soluble).
  4. A small set of watercolours.
  5. A couple of coloured pigment fine liners (minimum: a red and a blue).
  6. A couple of small, good quality paint brushes for watercolour washes.

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